Coding in short

Coding or programming, is what I consider, the action of seting up things in way that they will function on their own, I don't just consider programming as an action influenced apon machines like a computer or an alarm as programming simply means: the action or process of writing computer programs. the action or process of scheduling something, especially radio or television programs.


Belive it or not, programming requires a basic knowlegde of logic and numbers, yes, you will need some knowledge of math, but dont be overwhelmed programjng is very logical and unless you are doing somthing really complex you'll only need knowledge in math of the seccond year, I want to encourage you as much as possible to pick up a skill like programming. if you like puzzles, I think you'll find computer programmig very exciting.

Getting started

Look, I'm not going to do all your work and pick a programming language for you, I storngly reccomend you pick one for your own, there are many to choose from, some harder than others, but don't be discouraged.

I reccomend you look online for more information as the list above is incomplete and influenced by my oppinion of some of the main languages